Become a Guest Editor

EM has a long tradition of covering specific topics and always welcomes suggestions for special issues. The following information might be helpful before contacting the Editorial Office: 

  • A special issue theme needs to have a link to the journal´s scope. It is recommended to contact the Editorial Office in this respect prior to drafting a call for papers.
  • A special issue includes a minimum of three accepted papers. If this number has not been reached the accepted articles will be published in the general research section with the responsible guest editor(s) mentioned as responsible editor(s).
  • A special issue may be organized with or without an open call for papers. A closed special issue is often a fast-track from a conference where several potential contributions are already available and where authors may be contacted directly. 
  • A special issue may include all paper categories i.e. research papers, position papers, case papers as well as fundamentals. If guest editors submit papers to their special issue, the Editorial Office will handle the review process outside of the special issue.
  • The team of guest editors usually comprises two to four colleagues. It should be international in nature, i.e., include guest editors from the Americas, Asia, and/or Europe. EM expects the guest editors to contribute a preface to the special theme introducing the subject covered as well as the specail issue papers. Potential guest editors should have served in EM before. 

In case you have any questions regarding the guest editor role, please do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Office.