Volume 9, Issue 3

Focus Theme Section on "Electronic Commerce and Logistics" and General Research

Beat F. Schmid, Christoph Hoffmann and Brigette Buchet

Internet-based Electronic Markets
Arie Segev, Judith Gebauer and Frank Färber

The Internet-based Supply Chain - New Forms of Procurement Utilizing Standard Business Software
Tim Bussiek

New Business Media for Logistics Services
Martina Klose, Christoph P. Hoffmann, Daniel Corsten, Ulrike Lechner and J. Potzl

Electronic Markets - A Key to Mobility
Gunter A. Wicke

Business Networking in the Swatch Group
Rainer Alt, Hubert Österle, Christian Reichmayr and Rudolf Zurmühlen

Building a World-class Logistics, Distribution and Electronic Commerce Infrastructure
Bharat Rao, Ziv Navoth and Mel Horwitch

Snapshot of e-commerce's opportunities and threats
Yvo A. Saanen, A. Verbraeck and Henk G. Sol

A Case Study of a Fast Track SAP R/3 Implementation at Guilbert
Nicola Gibson, Chris Holland and Ben Light

E-commerce in Argentina
James Mac Aonghus

A Multiple Unit Auction Algorithm: Some Theory and a Web Implementation
Jeffrey Teich, Hannele Wallenius, Jyrki Wallenius and Alexander Zaitsev

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