Volume 8, Issue 2

Focus Theme Section on "Electronic Commerce in Europe" and General Research

Stefano Micossi

Business Models for Electronic Markets
Paul Timmers

Consumer Needs in Global Electronic Commerce -
The Role of Standards in Addressing Consumer Concerns
Bruce J. Farquhar, Gordon Langmann and Adam Balfour

Potential For Online Grocery Shopping In The Urban Area of Vienna
Andreas Schuster and Barbara Sporn

Grocery Shopping for the Elderly And Disabled: Finnish EC Experiments
Jukka Heikkilä,  Jukka Kallio,  Timo Saarinen and Virpi Kristiina Tuunajnen

On the Future of the Austrian Tele-Shopper
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger and Hardy Hanapi

Electronic Learning and Teaching Commerce via Education Servers in Germany
Arald F.O. von Kortzfleisch, Ulrike Heller and Udo Winand

Distribution of Danish Tourism Products in Europe - Status, Trends and Challenges
Carl H. Marcussen

The Emergence of Linked Fish Markets in Europe
Ian Graham

Promotion of Electronic Commerce by a Regional Centre
C. C. Charlton, S. Grant, P. H. Leng and I. E. Neilson

Systems Planning in an Electronic Commerce Environment in Europe: Rethinking Current Approaches
Pat Finnegan, Bob Galliers and Philip Powell

A Conceptual Research Framework for Analyzing the Evolution of Electronic Markets
Arno Scharl and Roman Brandtweiner

Designing a Generic System for Process-Oriented Support of Business Transactions Using the Internet
Oliver Braun,  Dirk Bremer,  Günter Schmidt and Kathrin Zimmer

Software Agent-Supported Interorganizational Communication in the Settlement Phase
Dominik Deschner, Oliver Hofmann, Stefan Reinheimer and Freimut Bodendorf

Book Review: On-Line Profits - A Manager's Guide To Electronic Commerce
Peter G. W. Keen and Craigg Ballance