Volume 29, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Electronic Markets on platform competition"

Editorial 29/2
Electronic Markets on platform competition
Rainer Alt and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Electronic Markets in emerging markets
Xiongfei Cao, Sohail S. Chaudhry and Li Da Xu

Research Paper
The relationship between platform choice and supplier’s efficiency- evidence from China’s online to offline (O2O)e-commerce platforms

Xing Wan and Jing Chen

Research Paper
Entrepreneurial bricolage and online store performance in emerging economies

Xiaoyu Yu,Yajie Li, Daniel Q. Chen, Xiaotong Meng and Xiangming Tao

Research Paper
Success factors and complex dynamics of crowdfunding: An empirical research on Taobao platform in China
                                                 Kefan Xie, Zimei Liu, Long Chen, Weiyong Zhang, Sishi Liu and Sohail S. Chaudhry

Research Paper
Social networks and online store performance in emerging economies: the mediating effect of legitimacy
Xiaoyn Yu, Yida Tao, Yi Chen, Weiyong Zhang and Pinglei Xu

Smart e-commerce integration with recommender systems
Yin Zhang, Haider Abbas and Yi Sun

Research Paper
Smart e-commerce systems: current status and research challenges
Zhiting Song, Yanming Sun, Jiafu Wan, Lingli Huang and Jianhua Zhu

Research Paper
Pirasa: strategic protocol selection for e-commerce agents
Jack Hopkins, Özgür Kafali, Bedour Alrayes and Kostas Stathis

Research Paper
Effects of sentiment on recommendations in social network
Ping-Yu Hsu, Hong-Tsuen Lei, Shih-Hsiang Huang, Teng Hao Liao, Yao-Chung Lo and Chin-Chun Lo

Research Paper
User behaviour modeling, recommendations, and purchase prediction during shopping festivals
Ming Zeng, Hancheng Cao, Min Chen and Yong Li

Research Paper
Fractional stochastic gradient descent for recommender systems
Zeshan Aslam, Naveed Ishtiaq Chaudhary and Syed Zubair

Research Paper
Beyond markets, hierarchies, and hybrids: an institutional perspective on IT enabled two-sided markets  
Kai Reimers, Xunhua Guo and Mingzhi Li

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