Volume 29, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Smart services: The move to customer orientation"

Editorial 29/1
Smart services: The move to customer orientation
Rainer Alt, Haluk Demirkan, Jan Fabian Ehmke, Anne Moen, Alfred Winter

Research Paper                                                                                            Conceptualizing smart service systems                                                                            Daniel Beverungen, Oliver Müller, Martin Matzner, Jan Mendling and Jan vom Brocke

Research Paper
Design-integrated financial assessment of smart services

Jürgen Anke

Research Paper
User preferences and willingness to pay for in-vehicle assistance

A. Cristina Mihale-Wilson, Jan Zibuschka and Oliver Hinz

Research Paper
Focusing the customer through smart services: a literature review
                                                                                         Sonja Dreyer, Daniel Olivotti, Benedikt Lebek and Michael H. Breitner

Position Paper
Towards customer-induced service orchestration - requirements for the next step of customer orientation
Rainer Alt,Jan Fabian Ehmke, Reinhold Haux, Tino Henke, Dirk Christian Mattfeld, Andreas Oberweis, Barbara Paech and Alfred Winter

Research Paper                                                                                Cognitive computing for customer profiling: meta classification for gender prediction                                                                                          Robin Hirt, Niklas Kühl and Gerhard Satzger

Research Paper
Smart services in healthcare: A risk-benefit-analysis of pay-as-you-live services from customer perspective in Germany 
Rouven-B. Wiegard and Michael H. Breitner

Research Paper                                                                                      Enabling crowdsensing-based road condition monitoring service by intermediary                                                                                  Kevin Laubis, Marcel Konstantinov, Viliam Simko, Alexander Gröschel and Christof Weinhardt

Correction to: on the way to understanding binge watching behavior: the over-estimated role of involvement
Jani Merikivi, Antti Salovaara, Matti Mäntymäki and Lilong Zhang

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