Volume 28, Issue 4

Special Issue on “Data-driven innovations in electronic markets” and General Research

Editorial 28/4
Electronic Markets on digitalization
Rainer Alt

Data-driven innovations in electronic markets 
Barbara Dinter, Jan Krämer 

Research Paper
Is paid search overrated? When bricks-and-mortar-only retailers should not use paid search
Darius Schlangenotto, Dennis Kundisch, Nancy V. Wünderlich

Research Paper
Between death and life - a formal decision model to decide on customer recovery Investments
Dominikus Kleindienst, Daniela Waldmann

Research Paper
The upside of data privacy – delighting customers by implementing data privacy measures
Henner Gimpel, Dominikus Kleindienst, Niclas Nüske, Daniel Rau, Fabian Schmied

Research Paper
Enhancing energy efficiency in the residential sector with smart meter data analytics
Konstantin Hopf, Mariya Sodenkamp, Thorsten Staake

Research Paper
The disclosure of private data: measuring the privacy paradox in digital Services
Henner Gimpel, Dominikus Kleindienst, Daniela Waldmann

Research Paper
“Bid more, pay less” – overbidding and the Bidder’s curse in teleshopping auctions

Fabian Ocker

Position Paper
Name it as you like it? Keeping pace with social media something

Julian Bühler, Markus Bick

Research Paper
Dynamics of investor communication in equity Crowdfunding

Gregor Dorfleitner, Lars Hornuf, Martina Weber

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