Volume 26, Issue 2

General Research Issue

Editorial 26/2
Electronic Markets on the impact factor

Rainer Alt, Carsta Militzer-Horstmann and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Research Paper
Determining profit-optimizing return policies – a two-step approach on data from taobao.com
Wenyan Zhou and Oliver Hinz

Research Paper
The governance strategies for public emergencies on social media and their effects: a case study based on the microblog data
Angelica Cuylen, Lubov Kosch and Michael H. Breitner

Research Paper
Structural analysis of value creation in software service platforms
Netsanet Hail and Jörn Altmann

Research Paper
The Ambiguous Identifier Clustering Technique
Michael Scholz, Markus Franz and Oliver Hinz

Research Paper
Constructing online switching barriers: examining the effects of switching costs and alternative attractiveness on e-store loyalty in online pure-play retailers

Ezlika Ghazali, Bang Nguyen, Dilip S. Mutum and Amrul Asraf Mohd-Any

Position Paper
Big data analytics in E-commerce: a systematic review and agenda for future research

Shahriar Akter and Samuel Fosso Wamba


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