Volume 25, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Personal data markets"

Editorial 25/2
Electronic markets and privacy

Rainer Alt, Carsta Militzer-Horstmann and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Personal data markets

Sarah Spiekermann, Rainer Böhme, Alessandro Acquisti and Kai-Lung Hui

Special Theme
Personal data: how context shapes consumers’ data sharing with organizations from various sectors
Bjoern Roeber, Olaf Rehse, Robert Knorrek and Benjamin Thomsen

Special Theme
Pricing private data
Vasilis Gkatzelis, Christina Aperjis and Bernardo A. Huberman

Special Theme
The value of user’s Facebook profile data for product recommendation generation

Irina Heimbach, Jörg Gottschlich and Oliver Hinz

Special Theme
Pricing music using personal data: mutually advantageous first-degree price discrimination
Thierry Rayna, John Darlington and Ludmila Striukova

Special Theme - Invited Paper
A metadata-based architecture for user-centered data accountability
Sean Maguire, Jeffrey Friedberg, M.-H. Carolyn Nguyen and Peter Haynes

Position Paper
The challenges of personal data markets and privacy
Sarah Spiekermann, Alessandro Acquisti, Rainer Böhme and Kai-Lung Hui

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