Volume 23, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Mobile Health"

Editorial 23/1
Rainer Alt and Hubert Österle

Mobile health

Doug Vogel, Dennis Viehland, Nilmini Wickramasinghe and Joseph M. Mula

Special Theme
Integrated location aware medical care services
Appu Saravanan and S. R. Balasundaram

Special Theme
Role of user a priori attitude in the acceptance of mobile health: an empirical investigation
Mihail Cocosila

Special Theme
Continuance of mHealth services at the bottom of the pyramid: the roles of service quality and trust

Shahriar Akter, Pradeep Ray and John D’Ambra

Special Theme
The dark side of elderly acceptance of preventive mobile health services in China
Xitong Guo, Yongqiang Sun, Nan Wang, Zeyu Peng and Ziyu Yan

Special Theme
Transforming usage data into a sustainable mobile health solution
Salys Sultan and Perman and Mohan

General Research
The optimal level of CRM IT investments
Julia Heidemann, Mathias Klier, Andrea Landherr and Steffen Zimmermann

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