Volume 22, Issue 3

General Research

Editorial 22/3
Rainer Alt, Karen Heyden and Hubert Österle

Customer knowledge discovery from online reviews
Weijia You, Mu Xia, Lu Liu and Dan Liu

Mood and social presence on consumer purchase behaviour in C2C E-commerce in Chinese culture
Hanpeng Zhang, Yong Lu, Xiaoli Shi, Zongming Tang and Zhijian Zhao

Do different reputation systems provide consistent signals of seller quality: a canonical correlation investigation of Chinese C2C marketplaces
Xianfeng Zhang, Jifeng Luo and Qi Li 

Mobile advertising avoidance: exploring the role of ubiquity
Shintaro Okazaki, Francisco José Molina and Morikazu Hirose 

Does the internet level the playing field? Gender and on-line car quotes
Jill L. Robinson and Jenna R. LeComte-Hinely 

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