Volume 20, Issue 2

Focus Theme Section on "Pricing in Electronic Markets and Networks" and General Research

Editorial 20/2
Hubert Österle and Karen Heyden

Pricing in electronic markets and networks
Martin Spann, Andreas Herrmann and David Sprott

Analyzing the impact of intermediaries in electronic markets: an empirical investigation of online consumer-to-consumer (C2C) auctions
Wenjing Duan

Bidder behaviours on eBay: collectibles and commodities
Stephen C. Hayne, Bruce Bugbee and Haonan Wang

Repeated use of online auctions: investigating individual seller motivations
Claudia Loebbecke, Philip Powell and Thomas Weiss

Name-Your-Own-Price seller’s information revelation strategy with the presence of list-price channel
Tuo Wang, Michael Y. Hu and Andy Wei Hao

Enabling individualized recommendations and dynamic pricing of value-added services through willingness-to-pay data
Klaus Backhaus, Jörg Becker, Daniel Beverungen, Margarethe Frohs, Oliver Müller, Matthias Weddeling, Ralf Knackstedt and Michael Steiner

E-commerce: a brand name’s curse
Samuel Otim and Varun Grover

Integrating information systems: case studies on current challenges
Alexander Schmidt, Boris Otto and Hubert Österle

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