Volume 17, Issue 4

Focus Theme Section on "eRegion Emergence and Impact" and General Research

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, Hubert Österle, Beat F. Schmid and Volker Schmelich    

Preface to the Focus Theme Section: "eRegion Emergence and Impact"
Joze Gricar, Yao-Hua Tan, Doug Vogel and Rolf T. Wigand    

Perceived Value and Usage Patterns of Mobile Data Services: A Cross-Cultural Study
Maria Bina and George M. Giaglis

Moving from a Web Presence to e-Commerce: The Importance of a Business - Web Strategy for Small-Business Owners
Julie Fisher, Annemieke Craig and John Bentley    

A Research Trilogy into E-Commerce Adoption in Small Businesses in New Zealand
Nabeel Al-Qirim    

Multi-Criteria Markets: An Exploratory Study of Market Process Design
Alea M. Fairchild, Philip O'Reilly, Patrick Finnegan and Pieter M. Ribbers    

Applying Pricing Engineering for Electronic Financial Markets
Peter Gomber and Marco Lutat

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