Volume 16, Issue 4

Focus Theme Section on "Electronic Markets for Digital Government" and General Research

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, Hubert Österle, Beat F. Schmid and Volker Schmelich   

Preface to the Focus Theme Section: 'Electronic Markets and e-Government'
Mogens Kuehn Pedersen, Jane Fountain and Euripidis Loukis   

Electronic Markets for the Allocation, Financing and Distribution of Public Goods
Roumen Vragov and Nanda Kumar   

The Effect of Enacted Capabilities on Adoption of a Government Electronic Procurement System by Malaysian SMEs
Noor Akma Mohd Salleh, Fiona Rohde and Peter Green   

Electronic Markets Connecting Citizens to Pension Reform
Agneta Ranerup   

Exploring E-Government Impact on Shanghai Firms' Informatization Process
Lili Cui, Cheng Zhang, Chenghong Zhang and Lihua Huang   

An Exploratory Study of Electronic Marketplace Adoption: A Multiple Perspective View
Shan Wang, Norman P. Archer and Wuping Zheng   

Mobile Semantics: Defining Concepts and their Interrelationships
Jenni Niemelä   

Success Factors of Agribusiness Digital Marketplaces
Michael Clasen, Rolf A. E. Mueller   

The Impact of Strategic Assets on Financial Performance and on Internet Performance
Frank Schlemmer and Brian Webb   

Exploring Internet Adoption Drivers in SMEs
Martin Beckinsale, Margi Levy and Philip Powell 

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