Volume 16, Issue 1

General Research

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, Hubert Österle, Beat F. Schmid and Michael Schachtner   

Reexamining Technology Acceptance in Online Task Behaviours
Achita Muthitacharoen, Prashant C. Palvia, Lloyd D. Brooks, Balaji C. Krishnan, Robert F. Otondo and Donna Retzlaff-Robert   

The Hidden Dynamics of Print-Online Competition in Classified Advertising Markets
Castulus Kolo   

Growth of Value Added Mobile Services Under Different Scenarios of Industry Evolution
Nikolaos A. Mylonopoulos and Ioannis A. Sideris   

The Attraction of Internet Personalization to Web Users
Shuk Ying Ho   

A Descriptive Auction Language
Daniel Rolli, Stefan Luckner, Henner Gimpel and Christof Weinhardt   

Statistical Tests of Real-Money versus Play-Money Prediction Markets
E. S. Rosenbloom and William Notz   

An Exploratory Investigation of Organizational Factors and e-Business Motivations Among SMFOEs in the US
Nancy Levenburg, Simha R. Magal and Parag Kosalge   

The Use of Hosted Enterprise Applications by SMEs: A Dual Market and User Perspective
Nigel Lockett, David H. Brown and Laddawan Kaewkitipong

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