Advisory Board

The international advisory board, consisting of renowned industry representatives, supports Electronic Markets to improve the relevance of scientific knowledge for industry and society. Specifically, the functions of the advisory board are to suggest relevant areas of research for special issues, to assist in strategic discussions, and to foster recognition and awareness of Electronic Markets.

Ulrich Bäumer
LL.M. Partner, Osborne Clarke

Peter Dengate Thrush
Advisory Council Member, Centre for Democracy and Technology

Chris Disspain
Director, ICANN

Werner Dorfmeister
Danube University Krems, Austria

Christian Eggenberger-Wang
Executive Consultant, IBM

Veni Markovski
CEO, Global Solutions and Consulting, Vice-President ICANN New York

Hubert Österle
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Rajasekhar Ramaraj
Senior Advisor, Elevar Equity 

Frank Riemensperger
Managing Director, Accenture GmbH

Antje Stobbe
Director, Deutsche Bank AG

Paul Twomey
Co-Founder, STASH